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that and bear it constantly in mind. It is there
in every country. It is the most dangerous and
wrong-headed view of the world situation, to
treat the totalitarian countries as differing funda-
mentally from the rest of the world.
The problem of reabsorbing the unemployable
adult is the essential problem in all states. It is
the common shape to which all current political
dramas reduce. How are we to use up or slake
this surplus of human energy ? The young are
the live core of our species. The generation
below sixteen or seventeen has not yet begun to
give trouble, and after forty, the ebb of vitality
disposes men to accept the lot that has fallen
to them.
Franklin Roosevelt and Stalin find themselves
in control of vast countries under-developed or so
misdeveloped that their main energies go into
internal organisation or reorganisation. They
do not press against their frontiers therefore
and they do not threaten war. The recent
Russian annexations have been precautionary-
defensive. But all the same both Russia and
America have to cater for that troublesome
social stratum quite as much as Europe. The
New Deal is plainly an attempt to achieve a
working socialism and avert a social collapse in
America ; it is extraordinarily parallel to the